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Available to the Bismarck, ND community

Crystal Rock Healing, LLC provides a variety of services. Our massage therapist specializes in ten different types of deep tissue and hot stone massages.

Cindy is a master in the Japanese art of Reiki healing techniques. The techniques of Reiki healing focus on hands-on healing. Hands-on healing is a way to harness energy to heal ailments in both people and animals. These healing sessions can be done in-person or long distance. Symbols and crystals are sometimes used to enhance the healing sessions. Cindy uses a variety of methods to cater to each individual she cares for. Hands-on healing is most useful when treating emotional imbalances, stress and physical pain.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. Sometimes, one or more of the seven Chakras can become unbalanced or blocked. When this happens a person will often feel out of place in their own body. Left unattended, Chakra imbalance can lead to serious illness and disease.

Animal communication is another service Crystal Rock Healing offers. Communication like this can be done with your current family pet or with a pet that has passed. Animals are intelligent and have things to say. Cindy is able to communicate with animals during meditation and offers this service by way of distance readings due to the level of concentration required.