Benefits of All Natural Massage Therapy

Benefits of All Natural Massage Therapy

Bismarck, ND and Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for massage therapy services in Bismarck, ND to help relax away stress then your search ends here. Crystal Rock Healing is an expert in massage therapy. Our massage therapist specializes in ten different types of deep tissue and hot stone massages. Crystal Rock Healing’s massage therapy methods can help you find solutions to a range of problems including back pain and arthritis.

How Can Massage Therapy Improve Your Health?

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist Cindy today. When you regularly visit a massage therapist there are several health benefits including:

• Break Up Adhesions
• Separate Tissues
• Lengthen or Broaden Shortened Muscle Fibers
• Decrease Stress and Increase Circulation
• Increase Calm and Awareness in the Body
• Lower BP, Blood Sugar, Nervousness
• Improves Posture
• Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
• Speeds Recovery from Injuries/Surgeries
• Strengthens Immune System
• Relieves Headaches
• Promotes Deeper Breathing
• Brings Body Back Into Balance

Massage Therapy

Reiki Services

Reiki is an energy healing that first originated in Japan. Reiki heals emotional and physical ailments. Reiki energy goes where healing is most needed in the body.
Treatments are all done with your clothes on and removal of shoes. Talking is permitted.

Reiki will feel differently to everyone. Heat, cold, vibrations, or stillness are some of the effects of Reiki on the body.

The practitioner moves the hands only every 1-5 minutes. They do not rub the muscles or stimulate and increase circulation.